Eleen is a Korean, born in China, now living in Frankfurt with her family. She has been a Taekwondo player who achieved the Black belt First Dan and used to play in city competitions in China.

During her professional interpreter career (Korean and Chinese) she discovered ATS© dance style since 2010, and just nonstop in this fabulous dancing road. She loves the concept of balancing of life, support, tolerance and connection in ATS©® community, to present power of woman’s beauty by ATS©. She continues to study with important experts from all over the world. Eleen is member of the Cibelle Dance Collective.

In 2016, she created The Tribal Bridge China Dance Association, to undertake to organize on May and October ATS®© international festival and workshops twice a year in Shenzhen China.

Now Eleen Kim  is the first official represent Siren project fan dialect movement from over sea.