Unsere Dozentin für Ori Tahiti


The sweet sounds of the ukulele and the beating of the drums transport me instantly to sunny days, turquoise waters and a feeling of happiness. Home.
Born and raised in the Islands of the South Seas my connection to the Melanesian and Polynesian Culture inspired me to explore the different dances of the Islands. At the age of 12 my interest in Polynesian dancing took root and the next years were spent performing with various dance groups in the South Pacific.

Having moved to Germany in 2010 and realising that there were no opportunities to dance traditionally in Frankfurt was a minor setback. My longing for the familiar joy Polynesian dancing brought drove me to spending the following years traveling through Europe for various workshops, trainings and onstage performances.
In 2019 I finished my teacher´s training for Ori Tahiti (accredited teaching diploma) with the world renown Tahitian dance teacher Joelle Berg, founder of the Te Tuamarama International School of Tahitian Dance.

Learning the dance in detail and mastering the technique has been an immense pleasure and ongoing process.

I´m teaching in English and German for beginner and advanced students.

Natasha - Dozentin für Tahitianischen Tanz - Foto: Sabuas Lichtraum

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