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American Tribal Style/FCBD - expressive and powerful

Classes in the studio

  • ATS®/FCBD® Movement Dialect with Manton: Tuesdays, 5:45-7:00 pm, Level 1 - Level 4, with Eleen
  • ATS®/FCBD® Movement Dialect with Fan:Tuesdays, 7:15-8:30 pm, Level 1 - Level 4, with Eleen

"The Siren Project Manton" and the "Fan Dialects" have been developed by dancers Katarzyna Lidia and Agata Zakrzewska from Warsaw, Poland. These two beautiful dialects enjoy a high reputation worldwide.

In both classes we're going to start with the basics and work our way up to more advanced movements based on the FCBD® style ATS®. You're going to
...study the FCBD® style ATS®.
...getting to know and dance with Frankfurt´s ATS® community.
...learn and dance playful improvisational formations.

Moreover, if you have a passion for a flamenco-flavoured dance style and/or enjoy dancing with props, these two classes are for you!

Eleen Kim is the Siren Project Oversea Ambassador and the first official representative Siren Project Fan Dialect from oversea (and at this moment - the only one)!

What to bring:
for Manton class: comfortable training clothes, Flamenco/Spanish triangle training Manton or normal triangle Russian shawl (big size with fringes)
for Fan class: normal Spanish fan, size free

This classes are taught in English. No previous knowledge required.

Online course Fan Dialect with Eleen

Dive into the FCBD® Style ATS® technique and learn the Flamenco-flavored Fan Dialect! This prop dialect has been developed by the „Siren Project“ by well-known artist Katarzyna Lidia from Warsaw, Poland.

The world of Tribal Style is very colorful and versatile. At the same time every dance and movement form preserves its original taste. Therefore we concentrate in this dance class on

...what exactly FCBD/ATS dance style is.

...how you can express yourself with FCBD/ATS dance style and communicate with your fellow dancers.

...how you can dance with an elegant fan in the context of the Fan Dialect.

The fan is not only a fun and joyful dance accessory, but also helps you to improve your FCBD style technique. From „basic four families“ to modern steps we will review the FCBD® style and learn the fan steps including useful transition combinations.

Please bring a Flamenco fan (free size). The course is a open level course and will be taught in English.

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Luisa - Foto: Kunst und Freiraum „Unser Tanz ist eine inklusive Tanzform. Menschen aus anderen Ländern, Kulturen zu treffen und mit ihnen die gemeinsame Verbindung durch den Tanz zu erleben, ohne eventuell die gleiche Sprache zu sprechen: Das ist für mich die Magie von ATS®“ - Luisa, ATS®-Dozentin